A business cannot succeed without solid relationships among its leaders. When those relationships break down, conflict spreads outward, with many choosing sides simply to protect themselves from the inevitable fallout. At best critical effort is subsumed and at worst the business itself is threatened.

In these cases—where a broken personal relationship is the crux of the business problem—traditional business mediation is unlikely to succeed. Why? Because the time-honored mediation tools of threat, intimidation and legal leverage cannot remedy a broken relationship. If one person wins at the expense of the other, all in the business will ultimately lose.

Larry Rosen helps business leaders, founders and key family members address head-on the relational conflicts at the core of their business challenges. The goal is to illuminate the unmet personal needs that have long plagued a relationship—so that these needs, which are real and controlling, can be creatively fulfilled. Clients conclude the process with lasting and binding legal agreements, a fair degree of healing, and tools to stay clear of my office for years to come.