Ending a marriage is a uniquely emotional process. The intensity of loss and sadness is matched by few life passages. Because of this pain, many seek the welcoming arms of an attorney/warrior. They then attempt to win their divorce. Yet of course divorce cannot be won. Any attempt to win assures that all in the family lose.

And yet, what is the alternative? It is to work together so that eventual resolutions meet the needs of all involved. The goal of divorce, then, is not simply to settle support and custody issues but to ensure some level of understanding between former spouses. This is no doubt difficult—particularly when both find in themselves profound sadness, anger, fear and resentment. However, unless some investment is made in understanding, any solutions will be superficial at best. Family members may in fact get on with their lives, but lives that continue to be plagued with conflict and resentment.

Larry Rosen helps couples address the legal issues of the divorce while at the same time tending their relationship—for their sake and their children’s. Ultimately, couples conclude the process with effective and lasting agreements on co-parenting, child support, property allocation and spousal support (as appropriate). But perhaps most importantly, they resume life with respect and hope.