When do Clients Pay?

I ask to be compensated by check at the conclusion of each session for that session and any work done between sessions. Clients always know if work will be done between sessions and the approximate time required to complete the work. In the case where significant work is required between sessions, I will normally mail an interim bill to clients. In unusual circumstances, I will request a retainer (but that is the exception).

What is the Cancellation Policy?

As 3-hour mediation sessions (the typical session-length) are difficult to fill on short notice, I ask for one week notice for all cancellations. If I do not receive this notice, I request one hour of compensation at the agreed-to rate. In addition, if clients cancel/reschedule three or more times over the course of our relationship (even with a full week’s notice each time), I ask for one hour of compensation for that cancellation and any in the future.